Worthy of the Wait Institute



BUNDLE 1: COVERED GIRL (Spiritual Development):

In Week One, you’ll learn:

  • Why you’re still single (NEWS FLASH: It’s NOT because you’re missing something or unloveable I’ll prove it to you!)
  • What God says about marriage & how to truly pray about what you desire 
  • How to embrace your desire for marriage & how making it an idol can repel men
  • How to stop being afraid of being single forever
  • How to get over a breakup & moving on from toxic relationships 
  • How emotional maturity will change the way you prepare for marriage
  • How to have a proper foundation to set you up for the healthiest relationship

BUNDLE 2: WAITING WELL (Designing a Life You Love): 

In Week Two, you’ll learn:

  • What it looks like to wait well and develop a spirit of expectancy 
  • How to have a thriving single life, rather than just enduring it
  • How to create a life you love without comparing your season to some else’s
  • How to be intentional and step outside of your comfort zone (and how that might just be how you meet a really amazing guy!)
  • How to use this season to form a community of like-minded girlfriends
  • The #1 question that will change the way you navigate your single life

BUNDLE 3: THE CONFIDENCE CLASSROOM (Claim Your Confidence & Own Your Worth):

In Week three you’ll learn:

  • How to Claim Your Confidence & Own Your Worth
  • Femininty 101 
  • How to Own the Room & leave a lasting impression
  • How to use this season to become an authentic, attractive woman who is comfortable in her own skin (Spoiler Alert: You are the catch! And I will show you how to carry yourself as such)
  • How to start believing who God says you are
  • How to create a success routine that will help you grow you into a classy, resilient, intelligent woman
  • Why investing in yourself is actually the best way to set yourself up for a great relationship in the future
  • A powerful tool for building confidence (Which also happens to be the key ingredient that will set you apart in the dating scene

BUNDLE 4: ROAD TO THE RING (Get Bae The Right Way):

In week four you’ll learn:

  • How to navigate the dating scene with faith and confidence
  • How to know if you’re ready to be in a relationship, and if you are relationship material
  • What part of finding a husband is up to God? (How much you should be waiting on God and how much you should be taking initiative?)
  • How to prepare to be “found”, while still being pursued
  • How to be confident with having standards, and how to detect red flags
  • How to keep yourself from settling for the wrong guy 
  • How to be found by great quality men
  • How you go from attracting good quality guys to them being interested in you and pursuing you
  • How to keep yourself out of the friend zone
  • How to flirt gracefully in a way that’s not thirsty or embarrassing
  • A key ingredient to becoming the woman you’ve always desired to be & how to position yourself to be in a great relationship







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Single…And this Sex Drive?

What do you do with your sex drive and desire for love? Being single doesn’t mean your exempt from sexual temptation. In this never-before-seen video, we will have a transparent conversation on how to handle our sexuality as a single woman. We’re discussing what it means to take it too far, why should we be waiting to have sex, and what to do with our sex drive in the meantime. We are also going to be having a very honest discussion about masturbation, let's keep it 💯!


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Waiting as a Virgin

Presented by Dozie Ezema, a former NFL player who is maintaining his virginity until marriage.

Dozie shares 3 tips on how to stay confident while abstaining from sex until marraige and why you are worthy of the wait. 

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How to respond to unsolicited questions about your love life…

It doesn’t matter if you’re in a relationship or rocking the single life, questions about your love life can be annoying and just plain awkward. Catching up with people you haven’t seen in a while can be fun… until someone asks you about the status of your love life! In this video, you will be equipped with answers that will allow you to feel confident and self-assured. From now on, when people start asking you questions about your love life, you can respond with ease knowing you are exactly where you are meant to be.


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PMS Hacks

When it gets close to your time of the month, can you tell because your mood makes a drastic change?Then this video is for you! Every month doesn’t have to be an emotional rollercoaster filled with irritability and cravings. In this bonus video, we will discuss how to take authority over PMS so it no longer effects your relationships or life. I’m sharing 3 tricks to help you maintain your peace of mind while going through hormonal changes.  It just takes a little understanding and intentionality. But don’t worry. I’ve got you covered!


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The Relationship A-Z

Have you ever asked these questions? 

How do I put myself out there without looking thirsty?

How do I know when a guy is truly interested in me?

I meet great guys, but after a few dates or conversation, they disappear and never call me again, how do I keep this from happening and getting my hopes up?

What does it look like to guard your heart in a relationship?

How soon will I know when is the right time to get engaged? Is there a certain time frame?

How do I figure out if this guy I’m dating is the one?

How do I know if God is saying "No" or "Not Now" when it pertains to a specfic person?

Many women have asked these questions, that’s why I came up with the Relationship “All-Inclusive” to answer all your pressing questions! I cannot WAIT to share this with you!

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Essential Financial Matters Before the Ring

How to prepare yourself financially before saying, "I Do" (Essentials financial matters Before Saying "I Do") Presented by Chrystal Bernard from the SMART Accountant. Learn how to:

1. Define Your Money Philosophy
2. Be Honest with your Financial Savviness
3. Close Financial Obligations & Eliminate Debt
4. Zero Based Budgeting
5. Wise Investments
6. Safeguard Your Future & Assets


Navigating Dating As a Single Mom

In this power packed bonus session, Kayla shares how to navigate dating while being a single mother. She shares her journey along with 3 life changing tips that will uplift & encourage single moms who looking to balance dating & motherhood!

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