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I created this program to help women avoid many of the pitfalls people experience in relationships and to be fully prepared to not only have a healthy relationship but to live an empowered & elevated lifestyle.

One of the best aspects of "Worthy of the Wait" is the private community. It's amazing to witness likeminded women uplift & support each other. This is the program on preparation you’ve always wanted but have never found... it's helpful, applicable, relatable, and incredibly enjoyable. Cheers to finally having a community of people who can relate to your desires! 

See you on the inside!

Hugs & Love,

Ashley Empowers, Founder


“I just want to thank Ashley for this amazing group. It has been a complete blessing and it came
at the right time. I can now go into this season fully trusting God’s timing and being confident in His purpose for me! Unspeakable joy!” - Angelica

“I feel like God has really been opening up my eyes with the Worthy of the Wait modules.” - Christine

“Honestly, this course was amazing. It was like I was taking advice from the big sister I never had. Not just saying that.” - Jill

  “ My level of confidence has changed tremendously! The course in general and especially the lesson on Confidence helped change the way I view myself! Basking in God's love for me, repeating my words of affirmations to myself, and practicing Ashley's advice on how to "own a room" have all been instrumental to how I feel about myself. Thanks to my new found confidence, I find myself speaking positive words over myself and even others because I NOW KNOW that I am deserving of God's blessing and I no longer want to put anything out there that might hamper or delay those blessings.”- Stacey

“Ashley there aren't enough words in the dictionary to express my gratitude for this institute. We all can see how much hard work and effort was put into creating this institute and all the seeds that were planted in each of us will grow beyond our imagination. I feel it in my soul that this is just the beginning of God’s master plan for this institute. I look forward to staying connected inside and out the group. Be forever blessed.” - Maxine


I love ❤️ having Ashley and her team in my life! All of her resources have increased my confidence and enriched my life! - Megan


“I am so thankful for this institute and I have to admit that it has opened my eyes today to no longer see this single season as a disadvantage but rather an advantage.” – Shai

“These videos are loaded with information that took me years to learn and through various sources (books, sermons, life, etc.). Ashley definitely did her research, this program is an amazing investment.” - SaDe



More kind words from Worthy Of the Wait Women...

"Through this program, my "single" lens perspective has totally changed! My mindset is changing knowing how to view myself, knowing that I am worth the wait." - Sheila

“Thank you for making this course!! It is so inspiring to find like-minded women encouraging one another that truly know they deserve God’s best and that the wait is WORTH IT because what comes after is greater than your before!! Thank you for your vulnerability in the videos and sharing with us your heart and personal experiences and your valuable knowledge. It is truly a blessing!!❤️” -Amy


"Yeeesssss!!!! Not only should you take this course, but expect to be changed. In order to get different results you have to do something different. The institute prepares you for your heart's desires in regard to relationships. You learn to do things God's way which produces God's results. Be willing to be open and to do the work because little by little you will become the woman God created you to be--a woman of favor." - Stacy

"I would have regretted NOT taking the program. It is truly a game changer and it's more than just waiting for your future spouse or preparing for your husband. It's about living your BEST life! " -Courtney

"This course was "worth" every moment. It gave me something to look forward to every Monday! I am glad that I took the time and money to invest into my future. Thank you Ashley for hearing and following the Spirit. You are truly a blessing! May you continue to inspire, encourage and challenge women to become (spiritually sound, physically, emotional and financially fit) and attract the man the desire." -Chelsea

“Ohhhh, my confidence is on another level. I’m not cocky at all, but I’m more aware of my value in Christ. I was dating just to date prior to this course, but now I know how valuable I am and how valuable my time is.” -Erin


 Join hundreds of amazing women worldwide who are CHANGING their generational legacy! 

“Girl, you need this course because it will launch you into the preparation you need to be aligned with the spouse God has for you. There is so much truth and helpful advice packed in it and there will definitely be something that speaks directly to you. If you want to restore your faith, gain confidence, and be equipped with the tools you need to be the best version of yourself in the wait, this is the course for you!” -Stephania (October 2018 Graduate)